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Identifying Aston Martins is harder than you would think!

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I did a recent photo-shoot at The Aston Martin Owners Club Spring Concourse, held at The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Part of their Centenial celebrations. There were hundreds of fabulous machines there on a rare, bright sunny day in London! I've started processing, uploading and key wording some of the images I took, but trying to get the precise model is not quite so easy as you might imagine!

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John, I could be wrong, but I think the first picture D8C2DB is actually a Mark 3 not a 2/4.


I was once married into a family that collected and raced Astons, I was force fed them for about 13 years!

One of their race cars was a 3 and that one looks very much like it. If I remember rightly the 2/4 has a "lower profile" grill than the 3.


Apologies if I am wrong, it was sometime ago that I escaped that world.



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You are quite right Richard,  Actually, I did discover my mistake on this one, after doing some more online research and have now changes the caption to DB Mark III!  Thanks!

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Since this thread is supposed to be about discussing pictures, I thought I had  better post one!  I think this is a  rare, pre-war Aston Martin Ulster racing car, dating  back  to 1935.   Not the greatest composition in the world, but I do have a few more images  to go on, where this car is being driven.

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