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Lightroom Alamy Uploader plugin - "Overwrite Alamy Data" function

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Sorry to have to use this forum to ask about a Lightroom Plugin, but it seems the 'help' at Lightroom plugins is no longer alive, I have tickets from three weeks back unanswered, and I have seen people here do use the plugin, so fingers crossed I get a response here.


I'm afraid I'm new to both Lightroom (I thought since Apple are killing Aperture, not much point starting to use Alamy with what will be dead soon), the Lightroom Plugin and Alamy, so probably out of my depth in all departments.


anyhow, my question.


In the PDF manual "Alamy Uploader PDF" there is a section dedicated to the "Fetch Alamy Metadata" export command, to quote, it says:



When this is not selected, any Alamy-specific fields in Lightroom that have been set already will not be updated with metadata downloaded from Alamy. If it is ticked, all matching fields will be set with Alamy's data."
This all seems a little back to front, telling the user what happens when it is not selected first, but ends saying if it is selected / ticked then "Matcing Fields will be set with Alamy's data", so as I understand that, it would be "Overwriting Lightroom Data" (With the existing Alamy data pulled down from the Alamy website) not as the name of the function suggests Overwriting Alamy Data.
Can anyone confirm the name of the function is the reverse of what it actually does please?
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The plugin will try to match images according to the rules set... If it does, it will insert the Alamy ref and URL in the relevant fields but leave all other Alamy fields (ess, releases, peeps etc) unchanged UNLESS this is ticked, in which case all of the other fields are updated to match the data on Alamy...

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Hi Julie, 


Thank you for taking the time to answer.  


So, I think I am clear, you seem to be confirming what the manual describes, if the box saying "overwrite Alamy data" is ticked, what happens is that "all of the other fields are updated to match the data on Alamy", i.e. it is, contrary to the tick box title, the Lightroom data that is updated / overwritten.


The only only thing I'm then not clear on is why the function isn't called "overwrite Lightroom data" in the plugin, as that is what happens if the box is ticked.


Thanks again.





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