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I do not know if you have seen but Leo is planning to work on a plug in for more licence options soon so we can have even more options for selling


Have not seen it yet but I'm really looking forward to unleash the potential of this concept. Finally the photographer is in control of pricing and sales and will even be supported by the network members. Now we only need to get more (macrostock) people to join.

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it's amazing the number of troglodytes who still don't get it -- 20 years ago they were wailing about DIGITAL images destroying their profitable stock sales -- now they can't understand the fact hat COOPERATING with other artists can help everyone!


in the 70's we didn't get $200 an image because the images were worth that - we got it because of the enormous overhead involved in shipping physical slides to prospective buyers.  some people still thought their images were worth those high prices and blamed new technology for eroding their sales. 


alamy and microstock have their place, and most symbiostock members participate in both.  it's just another alternative to find buyers who don't use the 'traditional' stock methods.  rather than have your images appear in google search as promoted by an agency that pays $.25 you now have the chance to have your images promoted by other artists, and get higher google placement.  what's the downside?  symbiostock is an open source system, so in addition to individual sites, we can create sites that search across ALL symbiostock sites -- such as http://symbiostock.cascoly.com


the creator of symbiostock has put in an amazing amount of work and it's there if you want to use it.  these days, who can afford to ignore any potential market?



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