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  1. Same here. Payment "sent" on December 1st via Paypal. Not received yet (December 14). What's the best way to contact a person or department responsible for the payouts? That's really unacceptable.
  2. It's been 23 days now, images are still in quality control. It's ridiculous, IMO. What was the longest you had to wait?
  3. Can anybody remember any actual improvements, or even "business as usual", coming out of a transaction like that within the last 10 years in stock photography?
  4. Everything looks like it's going to be the worst year (except when I started in 2011). Reaching the peak of economic failure. Doesn't make sense anymore.
  5. Same issue here with the X-T1. Whenever I notice I keep turning on/off multiple times.
  6. Sorry but what are we talking about? Which new tools?
  7. Maybe I'm the only one but after taking a look at your photos I think your portfolio is very "microstocky". I'm not seeing a good reason why potential buyers should get this kind of images on Alamy.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Seems like I have to look at my end. Yes, I have FTP access but this won't let me MANAGE the images.
  9. For a few days the "Manage" and "Upload" images options are not working anymore on my computer. I'm getting this error message: "Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash". Installed the newest flash player twice already. Still not working. Mac OS X 10.10.5 with Safari Any advice?
  10. FCP


    But seriously, why not open it up by enabling uploads from the desktop?
  11. FCP


    There are several ways to send images back and forth but that's not the point. My point is that Alamy makes image submission harder than other agencies and harder than necessary. (Not only with smart phone images BTW.) It's downright stupid to download the image to the computer and then upload it again to your mobile device only to be able to use the Stockimo app for submission.
  12. FCP


    I do have Creative Cloud LR/PS but it doesn't make sense to down-/upload the images back and forth just to be able to use the Stockimo app. Let us upload from the computer and the major problems are solved. It could be that simple.
  13. That's very good news. Now we can export directly from Lightroom without even having to save JPG files.
  14. FCP


    Is there still no way of submitting cell phone images from the computer? I save my good ones to the computer anyway. It's part of my workflow and I refuse to edit pics on mobile devices. Not even to mention captioning and keyboarding. It seems like Alamy isn't really that serious about receiving smart phone images or why are they making it so hard to deliver them? And wouldn't that be the solution to the Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberrry debate anyway?
  15. I have used the Cactus V5 transceivers with my X-T1 in combination with Nikon SB-600 and Alien Bees studio strobes without any problems.
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