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Sorry, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately, but hopefully this can also helps other people.


I started to submit to Stockimo sometime ago and was wondering if it is 'wise' to still use images on sale (on Stockimo/Alamy) in our instagram profile and other social media platforms. I would not really consider this before, as these images had no real economic value, but now that we start selling them, maybe we should use more caution?


I am talking about using these images only as self-promotion and other similar usage.


What are your thoughts on the matter?





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Self promotion of stock work for stock, i.e. come and buy me doesn't really IME have any value. If you are promoting a commercial business or services then social media, especially FB, can be very useful. FB have some terms in their new terms of use that certainly now precludes (for me) posting of stock imagery - especially exclusive work.


However, FB is very good for making contact with CEOs of stock agencies, ADs of publishing houses etc. That has been worthwhile for me.

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It used to be possible to tweek some twitter apps to upload photos to your own website or account of Flickr. There are also an app called "Marka" that allows you to watermark iPhone photos before you upload them. If you have the current Stockimo app you can tweet from within the app. Uploading an unwatermarked image on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is an invitation for someone to share it without attribution.

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