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  1. Whaou, I definitely didn't put much time onto security before your message, probably out of laziness. So thanks for the heads up. I did a few things that were possible with my current knowledge however... Put a strong password, limited the login attempts, started making backup and put did some watermarking. I think I managed to take out the CMS details. I contacted the people that made my theme and it seems impossible for now to take out the meta generator for the plugin I'm using... which is really bad. I've seen a lot of complaints online but no solution for now... I still need to change
  2. Thanks everyone, it's so great to see that you enjoy the images. Ann: You halfway convinced me with the watermarking. I finally decided to watermark only the images that appear in my main portfolio, the ones in higher resolution. I don't think it's worth applying a watermark on the smaller images as they are really low in quality on the website. Marianne: Thank you for watching! Olivier: Thanks a lot for your comments. I didn't really know about the meta generator. I think I fixed the tags for my CMS (can you confirm this?), but I still have this slider popping up, so I'll ask arou
  3. Thank you both, I'm really glad you like the site and the photos! dd: I know what you mean with the arrows, you're the second person telling me this. I'll try and have a look how I can take them down. Cool that you liked the story as well =) Arletta: You're saying the image loaded in a different page? like the script to show the gallery image didn't work? I just tried in Chrome and that particular image seems to load just fine... Maybe when you clicked on it, the script didn't have time to load properly? I'll see with oher people if they get that problem and thank you for spotting it.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I'd love to have some thoughts/critics on my personal portfolio that I'm finishing to set up. I spent the last few weeks, even months on this and I'd need some external opinions from photographers on the content/feel/layout of the whole thing. Here it is: http://ajourney.slightlyoutoffocus.com Hope it's fine with the forum rules, and if not you can just close down the topic (sorry!) Thanks for any help. Cheers! Mathieu
  5. After nearly a year and now with more than 240 images on stockimo I made my first sale this week : I don't know the usage, but it didn't sell for much... I just hope I won't need to wait another year to see my second one !
  6. Actually, it is watermarked. It's just really hard to see the word, but if you look carefully you'll see the Alamy. mbm
  7. I am not sure if that applies to your case or not, but again: best to direct questions to Member Services who should be able to offer some explanation. -Jason Hi Jason, Thanks for the info. I will ask. I guess that will teach me to read my contract ! mbm
  8. Why would that be? I still expect to get paid for that image use you are showing! But I haven't had any news nor payment made through stockimo... should I ask Alamy about it? This was back in July, so I guess I should have received something by now, no?
  9. Do you guys put "nobody" in your keywords because clients use it often in searches? Don't they use the option to select "no people" ? Edit: As for myself, I won't share my average CRT because I am way too shameful about it...
  10. I think digi2ap meant the order of the words in my own keyword fields (rather than the sequence of words from the customer). So it would be important when I keyword my images, to keep "little" and "Venice" close together in say, my comprehensive keywords. This way, the search engine will rank my images higher for a customer search of "little Venice" than "Venice in Winter" for example. At least, that's how I understand it.
  11. Bummer! That is really disappointing, mostly since Alamy still tells us on the website to use the " " and [ ] ! Anyway, I fell on this thread which was helpful to me and you might be interested too: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/2327-keywording-syntax-using-quotation-marks/ In my case, I guess I will keep using the quotes and brackets, but might think twice before putting words without any direct reference to the picture (without quotes anyway), if that makes sense. Mathieu
  12. Hello, I noticed again this morning when checking Alamy measure, that some of my images popped up in someone's search with no reason. Example: This image "E29J0Y" appeared with these keywords: "christmas in venice" The image has only this keyword related to the word Venice: "little Venice" (with the quotation marks) only because it was taken in Colmar, France and this city is also called "little Venice". Since I used specifically the quotation marks to leave out all general searches referring to Venice, what am I doing wrong and why this image would still appear in a search w
  13. DACS covers books & mags published in the UK whereas accesscopyright seems to cover all publications "available" in Canada, so couldn't we make a claim for all other worldwide publications excluding the UK ones alongside a DACS claim with the UK items? That wouldn't be claiming twice (for the same items at least). What do you think?
  14. Hi! I have yet another question! I went through all 13 pages and couldn't find an answer... I have a few images that appear in scientific publications (science articles) and some are from the UK (I wasn't paid for it though, if that changes something). So do you guys think I can add these claims in my DACS profile? I saw the word "journal" somewhere but don't know if it applies t scientific journals. I will probably email DACS fo this one, but seeing that they don't answer many people I thought I'd ask around here.
  15. Sorry, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately, but hopefully this can also helps other people. I started to submit to Stockimo sometime ago and was wondering if it is 'wise' to still use images on sale (on Stockimo/Alamy) in our instagram profile and other social media platforms. I would not really consider this before, as these images had no real economic value, but now that we start selling them, maybe we should use more caution? I am talking about using these images only as self-promotion and other similar usage. What are your thoughts on the matter? MBM
  16. Yes thank you, I knew that site, but couldn't remember the name! Anyhow, I submited an amount to the publisher, which after checking your index seems to be the average price for the usage (and that is without considering the promotion stuff). So I consider my price a pretty fair amount. I just did not recieve any news on the matter, so maybe they are looking for cheaper alternatives out there as Bill Brooks mentionned. That should not be an easy task for them, fortunately for me! Anyway, thank you everyone for your input.
  17. No I haven't. I am hesitant to do so, as I feel I usually have to go along their budget once it is revealed. And besides, I don't think they would tell me the real money they are willing to put on any image considering it's a 700+ pages book. Although, obviously they already told me their budget per image is "rather low...!" In the past, when that kind of situations happened to me, I would ask for a budget and get something pretty low, but never really raised the total by a lot. However, I never got a request for in-context promotional rights.
  18. Hi, I just got a request for one of my image that is not anywhere for sale, so I have to come up with a decent price, but really have no idea on how much this should be worth. It's 2 images that will be used in an educational textbook at a small size. I have all the info to put a price on that, but then the client wants also in-context promotional rights (such as displaying pages of a sample chapter or catalogue, but always in the context of the book). How do you think this would usually add to the base price of a picture? Personally, I only have a brief experience with that and would
  19. Same here, it does crash when I narrow the search to see yesterday activity.
  20. I think you asked an important question. Can we claim every year for all past image sales or only the images that have been sold since the previous claim? Because if you can always claim for the same images every year (because of their continued usage out there), that means I could have claimed for the last 3 years! Also, I did a Google check in books but couldn't find any of my work Alamy is reporting to me. Does that mean I wasn't credited in those books? And if so that means, as stated on DACS website, that I cannot give "examples of where your work has been featured, with proof" (such
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