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beginner - uploaded more than 4 images. what now.

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hi im new  on this site and got directly a question.

after i signed up i startet instantly uploading. but a way more then 4 images.
i became the email an hour after i registered, so i didnt know that i should upload 4 images only for the test submit.

now i have uploaded over 40 images xD
can i chancel this ? i dont see any buttons for this . they just stand in queue. waiting for qualitytest

or isnt this a problem in real?

ps : im from german. and english isnt my strongest part of me. :-D

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I uploaded more than 4 images first time round and they were all reviewed and passed. I would guess that QC will look kindly on your submission. If you don't hear anything after, say, 2 weeks drop MS a line to find out what is happening. Check your image tracking to see if there are any comments or progress. Good luck - we all went through this angst and came through unscathed.




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Hi,  I'm new to this also.  Uploaded 4 images 1 month ago - nothing, added one other to see if it would 'wake' things up, still nothing not even if they have failed.  I emailed Alamy with the reference number and received an automated reply saying they probably failed QC but to wait.   Very disappointing,  I did get one accepted on Stockimo - delighted!  


Is there anyway we can view the images we have uploaded or delete them?


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