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Confused With First Sale - can someone help

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hi all.


i have had my first sale, this month, with (at the time 300-odd images).


specs of it are:


Country: Germany
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - Print only
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/8 page
Start: 01 June 2014
End: 01 July 2014


and then: i had another sale, similar, one of these is for 1 month, 1 may-1 june and the other 1 june-1 july.


30% alamy commision and 40% distro commision.


then on the 10th, same sale, and stats except 1/4 of a page, but then cancelled today. i presume this was the early one?


i know where the image appears, thanks to a plugin at my browser, does the date on the original sale (start 1 june. end 1 july), mean that if they havent renewed the sale, (or they did then cancelled), they are using it without permission? as its still on the site, but as i undertand it, obviously if its a mag, it is a monthly thing, so if its july's issue they are fine.


it does say print mag, but it is on their website? is this covered under the specs above?





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i use firefox, and its called simply "copyright imfringement finder" - you select piece of text or image right click and its google searches it, pointing to where it may appear.

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had email back from memberservices.


"The customer has “Archive rights” included in the licence.  This means that the image may be searchable on their website after the published date. This is no different to printed papers and magazines being archived and stored in libraries. They can’t use the image for another use unless they re-license."


thanks for the replies to the thread guys. always a friendly bunch on here, and non of the "boys club" mentality, that i have seen on other forums!



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