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HELP - Windows problem

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Since a very brief power cut this morning when the computer went off, I have had a couple of problems. 

The most serious is that I cannot see files as thumbnails in folders. Internet images work fine, as do images opened in Photoshop but I can only get icons for images (JPEG NEX and TIFF) in Widows Explorer.

I'm guessing there is a Windows Image Viewer or somesuch that has been corrupted.

Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance




(edit) I have just opened a couple of folders where the images were visible - then disappeared one by one. I have checked folder view options.  

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Panic over - found the problem. It seems the cache of thumbnails was corrupted somehow. I cleaned them all out and things seem to have gone back to normal.

It seems to be a common problem, judging from the communication in forums on the web.

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