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Large Prints and Pixel Count

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I have been asked to do some large pictures for the decor of a newly refurbished public house (inn, bar). It opens in three weeks so I have to move quickly.


The expectation is that they will need to be about 36 x 24 in (90x60cm) or maybe a little smaller. I am thinking I can get away with a pixel count of around 120-160px/inch as they will not be intended for close up viewing - it is not a gallery setting. It is a resolution I have been comfortable with using in the past for large display prints. I will be struggling at that size to get higher pixel count even with my 20Mpx Canon 1Ds3. I know I can interpolate, and probably will, but that does not generate any more information so I am thinking about what minimum base resolution I can use. There will be no money to hire a M/F outfit.


What have other people used in similar situations? I have gone up to 18x12in or so from 4Mpx in the early days of digital (about 100px/in) - OK on the wall but does not bear scrutiny close-up or under magnification but then that is not the intention. We use around 72-96px/in on HD monitors. Anybody any thoughts?

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