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  1. Me too, US$300 a year + GoDaddy. Lots of templates to choose from, easy to use. You can sell from there if you want to, although I don't. I redirect anyone interested inbuying prints to FAA. https://www.rpphoto.bz
  2. Chuck - I think it may have something to do with the bit depth of the panel electonics. NEC and Eizo have 10-bit panels or higher, so, assuming you have a high-end graphics card, they can input a high quality signal. Most cheaper monitors like Dell, Apple, Samsung and Viewsonic, have 6 or 8-bit panels, so can only receive a lower quality input signal. That may be one reason why your graphics card ran the NEC so well. I think the Dell Ultrasharp panels are mostly 8-bit, or 8-bit with Frame Rate Control, which Dell claims is 10-bit, but I'm not sure if that's the same as true 10-bit.
  3. By 'mid-range' do you mean size or price? I recently bought an NEC PA242W 24" monitor to run off my MacBook Pro, which is excellent. It's a fair bit cheaper than an Eizo, which I think has the same panel, but different software controlling it. Cost was Aus$1290 (about £750), which is over £200-250, but I'm not quite sure what you meant by that. Also bought the NEC Spectraview 2 software and colorimeter to keep it calibrated, for another US$315 (about £250). Prices in Australia tend to be high, so you may be able to get NEC monitors cheaper in the UK. The Spectraview 2 software and
  4. It makes sense but I wonder if Alamy does not consider color the same as colour when searching... I would be surprised if they do!
  5. I use both. I also add common misspellings if it's a tricky one. Can't assume everyone knows how to spell 'graffiti', for example
  6. Thanks for that Louise. I don't use FB, so I'm probably out of the loop a bit. I know that Darrell has stepped back from the day-to-day running of SIF, but didn't realise that it was that far!
  7. Does anybody know what has happened to Stock Imaging Forum? I just get this message - "No web site is configured at this address". Shame if it's folded. It was a good community.
  8. I've got the Designer Prints program enabled and have made one sale so far: A 30 x 20" print. It was sold for a 65% discount, so I only got $43.75, but a buyer with that big a discount must be buying large quanities regularly, so it may lead to more sales. @Peter - I've been with FAA for about 3 years now, don't do any marketing at all, don't use FB etc, but make regular sales, so buyers must be finding me somehow - Google I suspect.
  9. If it was printed on canvas at that size it may well be OK - canvas is a lot more forgiving than a glossy print. I'm sure that if the quality was not going to be good enough though, even on canvas, FAA would not let the sale go ahead.
  10. Hi, I'm curious about where FAA makes such a statement. I could not find one, but I did find several images that would have to be printed at 85 - 90 PPI to meet the size that was offered for sale. You can determine the print resolution for images with the close-up preview enabled, because that view tells you the pixel dimensions of the underlying image. Regards Lionel If you go to "Default Settings", in "Behind The Scenes", there is an explanation to the right of the boxes for Default Print Prices. Also, if FAA do not think the IQ is good enough when an order is placed, they wi
  11. Billboards are often printed at 18-25ppi, depending on the size of the billboard and the viewing distance, so 10mp may just do it.
  12. Martin, on Fine Art America they have 100ppi as a minimum, so the longest pixel side determines the max print size. At 100ppi, I would think that the image quality would need to be good though. I can't imagine that your 20mp Canon is not up to it. I've had 40" prints done on FAA from 10mp/12mp Nikon D200/D300 cameras - but with pro lenses, and usually shot on a tripod with remote release. A handheld kit lens may not be sharp enough at 100ppi.
  13. The 1200x1200 pixel size is a minimum size accepted for upload. The 25Mb maximum file size is for any file type - so, it could be a large JPG, or a small TIFF.
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