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Recall SF hazards I mentioned before

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Last month I mentioned a potential hazard for photographers taking night photos of the Golden Gate Bridge in  San Francsico from the north shore (west side). regarding a drop off on the trail to the classic view point,  


So I am talking to a friend a couple of days ago, told him how I fell, slashed my knee which could conceivably taken about fifty stitches had I elected to go to a clinic, and how lucky I was I didn't hit my head on the concrete ledge as I fell.


I told him it was a nice little drop, and he responded surprisingly that it was exactly two feet. Huh, how did he know?


Well, he pulls out his smart phone and shows me night pictures of the GG bridge also! And about a month or so ago, he fell off that very same ledge too! He landed on his feet fortunately, no injuries, but a shocker at night where you think you are on a safe, even trail,


 What are the chances of that! He then measured that ledge height and found it to be 24 inches.


Now, one must wonder how many others, hundreds, perhaps thousands of visitors ALSO had that very same misfortune.

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Maybe next time your up that path you could take a brush & can of white paint with you, and paint that concrete ledge so it's more vissible at night.  You could be saving live's, ...and if you sign it, then it's Art! ...And then some Steely Dan will dig it up..and you'll have to go back & do it againhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sil76t2X_DE


Parm ;)

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