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strange measures search

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I keep getting a search on measures for the search term "porthdinllaen" which is a small hamlet on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales and well off the beaten track. During the past twelve months, this has been searched on at least 60 occasions as per "your images" in measures. Looking back over these, they are always 100 views per session with no zooms and no sales (for anyone). They appear on an almost daily basis. On AOA they don't show up but no surprises there.


I cannot for the life of me think of any reason for this I would have expected it to be searched a couple of times a year at most, Any ideas of what his could be about?

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Anyone have Nicaraguans in the US?  Alamy's  unrelated keywords and caption words mining found my US imported stuff in Nicaragua as "Nicaraguan in the US," none of which were what was obviously being searched for.



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