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  1. Two refunds of Greek Islands images for travel guide sold in june, plus a PU sale refunded on Tuesday. Great start to the month!!!!!
  2. Cycling weekly april 30th Graham Morley Historic Photos The 1991 Milk Race - the 8th stage Gloucester to Swansea - a competitor from the Collstrop-Isoglass team ascends the Tumble climb near Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK credit just Alamy Image ID: E73D0Y
  3. It was a great way to start the day wasn't it. That will be another 3000+ of my images heading to Alamy very soon. At least I will feel like I have a clean conscience breaking away from the Devil and their desire to drag the business to the bottom. Like many others I arrived at Getty via my other agents being bought out and never really felt happy to be involved with them. The way their sales have been dropping of late it isn't going to be that hard to say good by and good riddance to tham. Graham
  4. A large agency beginning with G which I supply have been very active trying to get this legislation passed, contacting there suppliers to email MEPS to encourage them to pass this law. I am sure that they are only doing this because it makes good business sense and that they are expecting to get a (large) share of any revenue received from CMOs. They have also for the past year or so relaxed their editing of submissions accepting almost everything they receive compared to their previous practice of being very selective with submissions, presumable the more images they have online the more
  5. The dashboard updates once a day in the AM. The account balance is updated continually throughout the day. So the cleared balance on your dashboard will be updated tomorrow morning to reflect any payments received today.
  6. Cycling Weekly 15th feb issue Adrian Sherratt Angry racing cyclist B5TYMD
  7. I had one a couple of months ago, a direct print through Alamy for $3.94 my share $1.98. It made me feel quite sick. Graham
  8. indeed as doc says it was the total views and zooms being on 0 which was confusing me. The search term used was "Swansea bridge" so it would obviously have brought up a lot of images (765). It is something which I haven't seen before. Graham
  9. In yesterdays alamy measures I had a zoom on one of my images recorded with the following results: Your view sessions your zooms your sales your ctr total views total zooms total ctr 2 1 1 0 50.00 0 0 NaN This is the first time I have seen this and I have no idea what it means. Any ideas??? Graham
  10. Against my better judgment my wife persuaded me to check my sales on Christmas morning and against all the odds I had a sale dated 25th dec for a personal use. Not great money of course but a sale on Christmas morning!!!!!!!. Graham
  11. cycling weekly 8th december issue Glen Loth, Sutherland. CPBY63 iain sarjeant with cyclist added to image Graham Bell
  12. Telegraph website money property section 16th april 2016 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/buy/the-10-cheapest-seaside-towns-to-buy-property I found one of mine which has not been reported in my sales, plus the following: F8EJ3Y Iain Sarjeant F0W7KT steven gillis/hd9 imaging DBB06F Christine Whitehead E5D9C2 Ian Dagnall BDN4RJ Mark Richardson Graham Bell
  13. I have had a few sales between $150 and $300 in the last couple of months and then this morning one for nearly $1200. So things have definitely been looking up and made up for the lower value sales. Graham
  14. uploaded 69 images this lunchtime with no problems, took about an hour all in and now awaiting qc. If anything the upload was quicker than usual. graham
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