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ASCLR Payments

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Hi All, 


We are in the process of posting our American Collecting Society’s latest distribution payments (ASCRL). Please be aware, you will only be eligible to receive funds if you fit the below criteria:


  • You are opted into receiving reprographic rights finds across all of your license sales, on your Alamy account
  • You have sold eligible* license sales to US publishers or publications only circulated in the US
  • You are a US citizen (often ASCRL may distribute to Foreign nationals also)
  • You have three or more works in publications or on a legitimate corporate website


*ASCRL retain the right to decide which publications and images are eligible for payments by particular criteria and regulations'


Please head to the official ASCRL site if you need any further clarification or information on the society.


Any queries regarding your Alamy account please contact us. Any queries regarding your DACS or ASCRL claim please contact secondaryrights@alamy.com 



Contributor Relations 

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