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Apologies if this is a bit off topic. The image below is from a friend's brand new Nikon D3100.




This is his second D3100. The first had terrible pink areas in the highlights of the images. He's just sent me his latest pics - and I spotted the same problem, albeit greatly reduced. I've circled these to how the places.


Any clue as to what is wrong? I have no experience with Nikons whatsoever. My feeling is that this would fail QC.


Exif says:

Shutter 10/400s [is that 1/40s?]

Exposure program: normal program

f5.6, ISO 100, 55mm focal length. No strobe.





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If these are raw conversions, it's a highlight recovery effect on a colour clipped set of levels. If it's an in-camera JPEG, turn off Auto Lighting Optimiser (or whatever Nikon's version is called - DRO. Relight, Dynamic Range correction etc) or reduce the degree of optimisation used. Use AdobeRGB and open the image in AdobeRGB.


I've not seen anything quite as strong as that but any software or process which tries to tame contrast may do this with colour-clipped highlights.

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From just what I can see from the URL you posted; The image is a bit overexposed which is causing the highlights to "clip"


If the original was shot NEF (Nikon's version of RAW) and since I still use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) I would adjust the


exposure down then use as little of ACR's "Recovery" to bring the clipped highlight down.  I also find that when I adjust


the exposure and sometimes the Brightness it affects the blacks and I bring them down (make them darker) as well.

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