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Meeting amazing people.

Mr Standfast

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We can complain about a lot of things in photography, fees, rights, access, changes in general the klist goes on!!


Sometimes though photography gives you an opportunity to meet amazing people.


I briefly met this gentleman today. He is mentioned in the Wikipedia article about the "Bristol Bus Boycott".


I quote:  "Stephenson set up a test case to prove the colour bar existed by arranging an interview with the bus company for Guy Bailey, a young warehouseman and Boys' Brigade officer. When Stephenson told the company that Bailey was West Indian, the interview was cancelled.[7] Inspired by the refusal of Rosa Parks to give up her seat on a bus in Alabama and the ensuing Montgomery bus boycott in the United States in 1955, the activists decided on a bus boycott in Bristol."


Mr Guy Bailey OBE



Bristol, UK. 30th Aug, 2023. Guy Bailey OBE who was declined a job on Bristol Buses because he was West Indian. Bristol people boycotted the local Bus service and eventually the colour bar was lifted, and the law changed to prohibit declining jobs based on colour. Credit: JMF News/Alamy Live News Stock Photo




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