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when processing RAWs / Camera Neutral vs. Adobe Raw Neutral...??

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7 minutes ago, Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg said:
why choose one over the other?
have always chosen the former
simply because a long long time
ago in a far away forgotten decade
someone posing as
wise said,
"use it" 💆🏼_ 💆🏼
gawblimey, don't just say what you use,

Most of my shots are landscapes and I use Adobe Standard as I think it gives a more colorful (= more saleable?) result than Adobe (or Camera) Neutral. I could go slightly more colorful by using Adobe Color, or further still with Adobe Landscape or Adobe Vivid, but to me those are OTT, at least that's how they look to me on my calibrated retina display. Perhaps if my pictures were portraits of people I'd go with Adobe or Camera Neutral to preserve more accurate skin tones, but I don't have much experience there.





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I guess all the "Profile" choices are varied starting points:
I automatically add +30 Texture & +30 Vibrance to all my
"Camera neutral" so who knows what profile that becomes...
& varying most sliders below "Camera neutral" menu...
nothing stays Camera-neutral-dull starting point...
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I use a few depending on the photo content, mainly use Adobe Colour as it gives a little bit more contrast than Adobe Standard. I tend to us Adobe Camera Raw, hit auto to see what I get, then adjust highlights, shadows and usually add a bit of exposure. I have been using Adobe Vivid for some shots it does make certain subjects pop with saturation and contrast it's particularly helpful with low contrast subjects. I find Adobe Landscape too colourful for my landscapes taste. I do use localized masking brushes for fine adjustments.


I do realize sometimes it's too much time wasting on image processing that slows down the production of images for Alamy.


Here is an image I wanted to reflect what you saw in the movies and did a lot of processing, it has sold! (Adobe Vivid and a whack load of masking)


Bilbo Baggins Hobbit Hole Home On The Hobbiton Movie Set For The Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy In Matamata New Zealand A Tourist Attraction Stock Photo

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