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I just got the new contributor contract, and I am not a lawyer.

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Alamy already has a lot of repetition in the collection... especially from the most obvious viewpoints. So uploading subjects which are already well-represented may not be the way to go.


If you are on a public right of way (ie road or footpath), you can shoot pretty much what you like. I'm not a lawyer either, but I know there are exceptions. Military installations, some iconic buildings (the Shard, I think, and the Eiffel Tower, and others). The National Trust get sniffy about "their" buildings (even though they are supposed to be curators of our built heritage, rather than litigious property owners)


If you don't have property releases, that's OK. Just click the button for 'no release' when you are annotating your pix. You can take pictures for year after year without falling foul of the law (and there are times when people say you can't... when you are perfectly entitled to).


Read the Alamy T & Cs, and do a bit of reading online about your rights and responsibilities as a photographer... 

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