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Unreported use versus infringement

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I remain confused about what is an unreported use which Alamy’s account handler will chase up when I tell them about it versus a use (often by a regular customer) which goes straight to the infringement team. Perhaps Alamy could comment.

I am also concerned about possible duplication of chasing infringements and would like some clarification please.

I spend a considerable amount of time searching for unreported uses and repeatedly alert Alamy to uses which would otherwise go unnoticed. Although I’m sure many Alamy contributors, like me, are assiduous in keeping track of these, I’m also sure that many do not and a great many uses go unnoticed. I hasten to add that the infringements team appear to have had positive results.

My questions therefore are:

1. When is an unreported use (3 months for stock and 4 months for Live News) a license to chase versus an infringement.

2. Am I correct in assuming that if an image is marked as exclusive and Alamy spots an infringement, I will not know about it until an infringed license appears in my account? Since I also use Copytrack to spot uses, there is a danger that they will both be chasing the same infringement. I think that this means that all of my images should not be marked as exclusive but would like Alamy to confirm please.

2. Will Alamy continue to rely on contributors to notice uses that are not reported or can the system be improved? I imagine that the more active work of the infringements team is designed to deter unreported uses but it will not detect them all.

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