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Rip me apart in a constructive way :)

Jan Juerges

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Hello foto friends,


the last 20 submissions all went through well, so i am feeling a little exuberant... i am now at about 160 images :D and trying to upload about 50 each week. If you have nothing better to do, i would be happy if you would leave your comments. I will get me a coffee, see you all later!

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You have put up some good images, but I would suggest that you should put a bit more effort into caption info (File information)

To repeat what has been written many times before; Who, What, WHERE, When and How or Why. Your image:  2NXEPNA  is a really 

good image, but where exactly and what time does it show?


FYI,  I spend alot of time scanning and retouching before I upload and I often spend as much or more time researching caption infor

before I upload.  I would suggest trying to think about the picture researcher or photo editor looking to illustrate a story.



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