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Uncleared funds from from spring-summer

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Who faced the fact that the funds is not cleared for almost a year?

Of the sales in the amount of $ 400, I received only 46 on my balance. They write that up to 3 months. But more time has passed. That's just terrible. I don't think this system is correct. If the content is bought, they must immediately pay. It turns out that people buy content, use it for their own purposes as they want, and even make a profit. And the authors sit and wait by the sea for the weather.


Who to contact?

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i have had all sorts of issues with their cleared funds. they sometimes show cleared funds on the dashboard saying you'll be paid on 1st of next month, but then they retract the amount back to under 50 bucks which wont get paid.

they are notoriously slow to clear funds. this could be them not chasing their money in, or who knows. maybe its just staggered to hold on to money. 


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