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Distributor sales



Hi all, wanted to know what the general experience with contributor payment is. In the faq's says your payments will clear after three months, however it seems this doesn't apply to distributor sales. I've been waiting for a little over four months now and the sale hasn't cleared yet. Contributor relations just says they're chasing it. Wanted to know whether this has happened to anyone else.



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Yes often. It's quite normal, but you are right to keep an eye on it.

In my case the earliest that has not been cleared is a distributor sale from December 2021. One from May 2022 has just cleared and will be paid in December. This was a direct sale, not through a distributor.

From June two have not been cleared. However upon closer look, one has been refunded a month later, something that will be not immediately clear if you're not looking for it. It is obvious in your Sales history however, because here sales and refunds show up grouped together. But not in your Net revenue sales report nor in your Balance of account. In these reports you have to look for possible refunds yourself. So be aware of this possibility. In case of some sales those refunds can be as a late as a year, though the situation has been much improved over the years.



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