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My first 3 images issue.

Andre V


Hi All,

Being new i have to submit 3 images however after uploading the first one it is impossible uploading the second and third one (the clock turns and turns around). What could be wrong, or has Alamy upload an issue.

All my images have the requested size, ... .

Regards, Andre

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A couple of days ago - the same problem:



Check if your JPGs are 8 bit, change your browser and test again, slow and unstable internet connection could be a problem (if you have smart TV, torrent client, streaming software - switch it off and test again).

Good luck.



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Did you upload them as a batch? Meaning, did you highlight all three and click upload? If you tried to upload them individually, that could be your problem. Alamy is only looking for one upload of three images, not three separate uploads of one image. They will look at your first upload and only see one image instead of three, and it will be a fail for that reason.

Alamy allows one Upload for submission, disabling any more uploads until the first submission of three has passed QC and you have been accepted. If there wasn’t three in that submission, you’ll have to wait for the email saying why you failed and start over.


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