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Portfolio reviews

Robert Brook

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Some creative agencies now offer portfolio reviews - for a price.  Would this not be a way of advancing Alamy’s ambitions to be one (a creative agency)?  At present most of the creative work available is from already established agencies, some of whom tutor their contributors via G/C style briefs and trend analysis, different levels of art direction, meetings or in less formal ways.  All Alamy offers at present is: “Your account will be assessed on a per image basis, unfortunately we cannot give feedback on the outcome”.  Not many practising creative and art photographers appear to be applying and you are, in effect, shutting out gifted amateurs.


Portfolio reviews will earn you revenue, help to generate exiting new work, and – who knows - you might be able to afford to hire at least one good editor.  It’s a start. 

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HI Robert, thanks for your suggestion.


We already actively seek out and recruit gifted photographers as part of our overall content strategy.


Offering a bespoke portfolio review service wouldn't really fit within our current structure at this time.





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