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Sales made and amount due to photographer now less that before sales

Kenn Sharp


Hello, can anyone please explain how Alamy can let me know that I have made sales, then the sales were refunded, plus extra and now my sales due for payment are less that before the recent "sales" were made. Seems crazy looking for sales if it costs the contributor money to make a sale.

Balance brought forward: $49.28
Total sales: $11.52
Commission / charges: $-13.50
Total payments to you: $0.00
Balance carried forward: $47.30
Cleared balance: $47.30
Next payment date: Not due
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Your "Commission/Charges" are higher than your new sales this is why your Balanced carried forward as drop.


This could be either because you had a refund of a prior sale, or because you got dinged with an "Adjustment" which most time are for "Affiliate Charges" which Alamy often don't proceed at time of sale nowadays (unexplained)




Look in the detailed summary below for a RED Negative entry 

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