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The Alamy forum contributor help page is designed to help and give information to our worldwide community of photographers.

If you have an Alamy-related query please see the topics and links to FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer here please ask your forum members or email Contributor Relations contributors@alamy.com


Selling images on Alamy:

-          Guidelines for submitting images to Alamy

-          How to upload images via FTP or Alamy upload

-          Quality Control (QC) Process

-          Understanding Stock Image Licensing

-          Captioning and tagging your images

-          Receiving Payment from Alamy

-          Additional Revenue (Distribution and Novel Scheme)


Contributor Terms and conditions:

-          Alamy contract

-          Alamy commission table


Live News images on Alamy

-          How to apply and upload images to live news

-          Legal guidelines

-          How to caption Live News images


Selling Vectors on Alamy:

-          Guidelines for submitting vectors

-          Uploading vectors via FTP

-          Quality control

-          Caption and tagging your vectors


General FAQS:

-          Upload requirements (File type and sizes)

-          Quality Control FAQs

-          Image management (License types, exclusivity, releases)

-          DACS Payback scheme

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