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What is a refund?



I experienced my first sales at Alamy and made record sales that no other stock site has.

However, two months after the sale, all the money was refunded.

This was a very disappointing event for me, but I am more concerned about the future.
That is that I cannot guess the sales.
I have to accept that there is no escape from the fact that I probably can't guess.
However, I thought it would be helpful to know under what conditions refunds would be given.
If anyone knows the conditions for refunds, please let me know. Please do.

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plenty of reasons for refunds, for example


-Client's project fell through on publication

-Client thought they were buying something else

-local consumer protection and time to cancel purchase


-Fraudulent payment method



also sometimes is just a reprocessing of the sales and it reappears later.  Sadly we don't control the negotiation with the client, this is something we agreed that Alamy would handle for us, and if they don't get paid, neither do we. 

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