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Not new either but back to the viewfinder


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. . . .and a question re contacting a contributor to make an observation on an image that they don't (?) appear to have highlighted (or maybe did). 

Something that I think is one of those serendipitous "something's" that happen once in the proverbial blue moon.   Its Niall's image KG838X of storm waves breaking over a breakwater.  I did a double take and saw the head of a roaring bear and out stretched paw mid centre of the wave.   Brilliant.  Or am I simply imagining it and need a new viewfinder or two ? 

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Hi there, Well said. I started taking photos using only the LCD screen on my DSLR(I didn't even know how to gauge correct exposure and stuff) and then realized how nice using the viewfinder was. The only time I use the LCD screen now is to focus, for night photography, and to shoot video, which isn't applicable in your case...

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