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Licencing terms, date manipulation and the new contract.

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Licence for mid $$ appeared yesterday. Here are the terms:


Country: World English Language ; Usage: iQ sale: Educational book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to 1/2 page inside. Repeat use permitted ;  Industry Sector: Education ;  

Start: 17-December-2021 ; End: 17-December-2046



Interesting, i had a sale Refund for the same image on December 17 which had been originally licenced in September.  



A year ago, this would have been frustrating, but i would have waved it off as "This is the way Alamy operates, in the end it's all the same".  However things changed in July last year.  Now the reporting date can have major impact not only on the commission of THIS licence but on that of future.  Had these manipulation happened in Summer, this could easily affect someone's level dropping them at 20% for the next 7-8 sales (according to Alamy's average numbers).


I am curious how Alamy would address these cases. Also why is a licence with a Start date on December 17, only getting credit to the contributor on January 14?  Why are contributors affected by things out of there control?  In the past these were of little impact, but the new contract changes this likely for a majority of contributors (based on overall revenue and number of reported contributors)


(note this may be even worse when the issue of all the Chinese sales hitting December 30,31 is resolved)

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