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Identify Historical Roman/Portuguese Boat



Hi All,

Need some help to try and identify this type boat (a reconstruction) shot in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. There is a Roman bridge there and lots of historical markers for events during the Roman founding of the city. There was a significant battle there and I suppose that it would be related. It has an unusual flat bottom and twin hull.





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2 hours ago, kay said:

Is it this? or something similar?


although if so it seems to be joined to another one?  

Thanks Kay. Good find. That led me to this with is very close.




I think it has historical significance to the region as goods transport as opposed to a Roman ship. 

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A  boat made of a hollowed tree  is called Dugout canoe or log boat. In French it's "pirogue monoxyle",  they were first used in the Neolithic age.

Your boat seems to be a more complex versions of a dugout.

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