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  1. Could use some help with IDs of these vintage cars. Thanks Image won't load so here...
  2. So I noticed that when you have distinct pseudonyms they all just dumped into one portfolio page. Is there any way to break out a separate pseudonym or remove images from a main portfolio page?
  3. I've been adding GPS Coordinates as possible in Lightroom as part of my workflow for some time. Is there any real advantage to doing so as far as searches go? Any other advantages?
  4. When I started with Alamy years ago contributors were receiving 60%, then 50%, now down to 40%. I think we all know where this will go eventually. I have moved more towards photojournalism from general stock and make my living I photography and have many images on the news wire so I can not make all images exclusive. I have been reasonably happy with my relationship with Alamy with weeks sales - some for decent money - but am now reconsidering. Now actively looking at alternatives
  5. I could use recommendations for a weather sealed travel camera with a decent zoom for under $1,000 USD or-so. I have previously used a Fujifilm X100 with standard 23mm lens. I Never found the image quality to be that great especially with skies in landscapes and overall dull saturation. Lens too wide. I just looked at a Sony alpha a6300 and not too impressed though I have to shot with it. Standard lens didn't look like much glass. I shoot with Canon DSLRs and love them. I just need something smaller I can take along when not wanting to take much with me.
  6. Location field working for anyone on the new dashboard? Just get a Oops! something went wrong. I like what I see so far otherwise
  7. I'm trying to identify a religious sculpture I photographed in Lourdes. Not sure if it important that he is holding a key. Any ideas?
  8. Keywording is very sparse. The image with the black faced sheep has 4 keywords. I rarely have less than 15-20. I would add the breed (if known) Latin name, flock, group, livestock, wool, farm, pasture, country, region, etc
  9. I had an interesting experience this last week. I randomly came across two of my images on a web site (large travel aggregator) that I don't have a record of selling. The images were posted in 2013 and remain online. I figured it was a lost cause since it was an international company. I was able to find a phone number for a media relations person in their New York office and shockingly someone answered the phone. They were very courteous and asked for my information. Within 15 minutes, I got a call from their director of photography. He explained that they have an ongoing relationship with Ala
  10. Thanks Johnnie. I suspect that you are correct and the speaker is just part of the bridge's security system. I don't want to tag it as part of the Outdoor Warning System if I'm not sure.
  11. Thanks Mark. The city map does show a speaker in the general area but it's not too specific. The other speakers in the city are rounded white speakers. My guess is that anything attached to the bridge has to fit in with its color and historical nature. I just messaged the city's dept of emergency management FB page.
  12. I shot this image on the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm trying to figure out if it is part of the San Francisco Outdoor Warning System or just a general traffic siren of some kind. Pretty sure it is not one of the fog horns. I cave contacted the city but have gotten no response. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. John, that looks like it could be The Church of the Sacred Heart. Thanks so much. I still want to try and confirm though. How did you find that?
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