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Andrew S

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Hi, can you tell me why it appears to take so long for an image sale to appear on my Contributor Dashboard? Twice in the past year I have had instances where I have spotted my image use (online, in print and on TV) days before I have had notification of it's sale. The instance where it happened on TV was particularly worrying, as it just suddenly appeared on a prime-time TV programme on the BBC without any warning, and actually felt quite creepy. Is there no way that users can be forewarned of image use, or at least kept up-to-date with image sales as they happen?

This weekend an image of mine was used in a UK national newspaper, but I have yet to see any evidence of the sale on my Dashboard. See page 56 of the online version of the Daily Mail (link attached https://web.mailsubscriptions.co.uk/webreplica/content?productName=Daily+Mail&startDate=2021-09-04&id=2563783&pageNum=56&storyNum=61#61).

Thanks, Andy

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As a search of the forum would reveal, newspapers self-report uses and it takes a few months for them to show up. As to an image use being "worrying" and "creepy", that seems a very odd reaction. Making sales is the whole idea, surely?

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