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That face-palm moment


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I'm having a few of those of late. Having spent much of the last year uploading images trawled from old hard-drives it's not always easy to know exact details of some of the subjects particularly when not a specialist in the field. Among those are shots taken at Goodwood Festivals of Speed and Revivals, which I've been attending since 2011. With downsizing and clearing out for a cancelled move originally planned for 2020 (a victim to COVID) the event programs had gone into the recycling so it's taken much research just to name each marque of car and motorcycle, let alone any further details. I've already been kicking myself for having material which could have been on sale for ten years, but to then find stuff which is extremely rare adds to the woe. Having already found images of the final remaining original Aston Martin DP214 racing, which is estimated at being worth seven figures, plus various similar Italian and German rarities, that was topped today when researching a modern era Le Mans Aston Martin DBR1-2. In 2017 an Aston Martin DBR1 chassis number DBR1/1 was auction for the record amount for a British car of $22.5 million. All the images I'd seen of it show it with the reg 296 EXV, but I've just read today that during the twenty-tens it was registered as 296 RW, and here it is, snapped at the Revival in 2012 but sadly only uploaded in July of this year. I wish I new what I was doing!




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