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Still waiting for a payment



I joined Alamy about 2 years ago.  After having over 50 sales and seeing I was only making usually $1 or maybe $2 for each download.  I waited until I reached $50 and asked for my payment.  Then said I wanted my pictures removed for sale.

Fast forward to March, 2021 when I get an email from Alamy asking if one of my images a client was interested in was of a captive or wild animal.  I had no idea they were still selling my images.  So opened up my account and see they made one large sale and a few smaller ones.  I did find somehow my bank info disappeared from my account so I fixed that.  Still no payment in May so I emailed Alamy asking for the payment to which they verified I was owed money which would be sent.  Still nothing on July so on July 13 I sent another email.  There response was said once the balance is no longer showing 'uncleared' the payment would be sent.  No wonder this company is doing great.......we submit images, they make tons of money as they sit on dispersing payments to the contributors.  This is nuts.

How does one go about getting images out of this company?  It has really gone way sour for me.

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10 hours ago, lisah2006 said:

I don't know but I will be looking for a way to get out of Alamy if they charge us storage fees!

There will be very few staying except the highest earners, and even they will probably be motivated to find better deals elsewhere.

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