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Switch for the 10 most important keywords

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After the QC you can choose the 10 most important keywords. Many photographers I know have sorted the keywords in the image files according to priority anyway. It would be awesome if there was a switch that would simply highlight the first 10 keywords. If you want to choose different keywords in a certain photo, you could change this selection manually.


Such a button would make the processing of the accepted photos much easier and faster. Or does this function already exist and I just overlooked it?

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not sure how useful that would be,  you would need to be able to restrict the number, most of my images don't have KWs that warrant 10 supertags has this would likely increase my false positives.  Also having 10 automatically would mean a pain for future review when you realise you under estimated a term (same as having 50 KW), so top 5-7 would be my choice, never 10.   


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2 hours ago, David Pimborough said:

No it doesn't exist ~ but what would work for you would probably not work for everyone else


Easier and faster? It only take a minute to highlight the important tags anyway.



i was thinking about that, it would actually make my KW slower, as i have a bunch of linked KWs as well as block.  

For example  as soon as i had a location, it adds regional information, so adding London automatically adds England, UK, United Kingdom.  I probably only want London as a ST, so this means longer in KWs to reorganise.  

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A button to activate the first 10 supertags (a maximum of 10 is possible) would only be an offer. You just couldn't use them with your justification and people like me who sorted the 10 most important tags up could turn them into supertags with one click. That would help everyone. :)

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