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The cover of one of my books - 'Innocence of Eye' was taken at a zoo. Two-legged animal. Fourth book down from the top here: https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/printsales It's not on Alamy of course, like me come July. I'm outa here too. Won't make one iota of difference to me as 99% of my income through photography comes from print and book sales so I won't be missed. I could just stay and be a sleeper but I have always taken a stand against photographers being taken advantage of and Alamy have taken one step too far. I'm sorry for those who depend on stock for part of their income. Despite all the posturing, most of you will stay and sadly, just be ripped off more and endure more restrictions and conditions in the future without being supported. Sad state of affairs. Just to remind all of you though, there are other ways out there with far greater returns, greater satisfaction and you get to deal with decent, honest folks like gallery directors and owners and book publishers. best of luck to you all. 

Pete Davis

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