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Two questions from a newcomer

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1.       How can I tell if a photo is 17MB or more, or get it to that size?

2.       How do I check to make sure an image is at 100 percent (actual pixels)?


I use Lightroom for light editing, organizing and exporting.


Thank you.

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Hello Mike,

This is difficult question to answer, probably why it's been left for a while. I'll split it into two, the easy bit and then the hard part.


First of all the easy bit.


Now the hard bit.

From your questions I surmise that you don't have great deal of photography experience. I may be wrong, if I am please don't take offence. Here are some key points that ALAMY's website glosses over.


  • Alamy is a market place for images finished to a professional standard.  The level of competion, on photographic and commercial levels is high. A look through ALAMY categories shows shows how high the bar is: https://www.alamy.com/category/uk.html
  • Quality control is inflexible. All of us have crashed at some point; it can be frustrating.
  • A working knowledge of photography law is recommended. Especially in light of the revised contract.
  • Earnings can be slow at the begining. One sale per month per 1000 images is a figure often mentioned. Some do better, some do less well. It is quite likely that more than one sale will be needed to clear the $50 threshold for payment.

A sportsman progresses by competing against the best. In that regard ALAMY is an ideal way to banchmark your work. Feedback from people who give you money has a bit more worth than those who just give a pat on the back. I make these points in good faith. I really enjoy photography and would not want to sit back and watch somebody get into  something that puts them off a very rewarding pastime/career. That would never do.


Good luck and stay safe,



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