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Can you help me to improve my portfolio to sell? No sale at all for the moment.

Rodolphe A

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Nice images but captions are not very specific.

I am also relatively new to Alamy but have had reasonable success but I try to cram as much relevant info into the captions and keywords as I can ( I also need to go back on some older images knowing what I know now and readdress them 😉)

Buyers can't buy what they can't find and captions/keywords play an important role in what the buyers see.


Eg Image 2BHNH5R is a beautiful pic but the caption could indicate the name of the small village, where the view was from? What is the range of mountains? Does the cloud phenomenon have a name or is it just mist? All of these could be useful for a buyer.


E.g Image 2D8Y1B0 What tower? How old?  Where?  What is the flag?


e.g Image 2EX4G8W Include the latin name of the bird. 'Little beach bird' unfortunately may never be found. (By the way its a Sanderling, Calidris alba). 


Also numbers. 275 images is not a lot. On average there is one license a month for a port of 1000 images so for about 300 you would expect only about 3-4 sales a year as long as buyers can find them


I consider licensing photos like a long drain pipe.

Stuff images in one end and eventually licenses drop out of the other but you have to keep stuffing them old pics in.

Quality of images, relevance, demand, good captions and keywords will make the drain pipe shorter and the licenses will pop out quicker and more frequently.


Hope this helps








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14 minutes ago, Martin L said:

De belles images mais les légendes ne sont pas très précises.

Je suis également relativement nouveau dans Alamy mais j'ai eu un succès raisonnable, mais j'essaie de mettre autant d' informations pertinentes que possible dans les légendes et les mots-clés (je dois aussi revenir sur certaines images plus anciennes en sachant ce que je sais maintenant et les réadresser  😉 )

Les acheteurs ne peuvent pas acheter ce qu'ils ne trouvent pas et les légendes / mots-clés jouent un rôle important dans ce que les acheteurs voient.


Par exemple, l'image 2BHNH5R est une belle photo mais la légende pourrait indiquer le nom du petit village, d'où venait la vue? Quelle est la chaîne de montagnes? Le phénomène des nuages a-t-il un nom ou s'agit-il simplement de brouillard? Tous ces éléments pourraient être utiles pour un acheteur.


Par exemple, Image 2D8Y1B0 Quelle tour? Quel âge? Où? Quel est le drapeau?


Exemple: Image 2EX4G8W Incluez le nom latin de l'oiseau. «Petit oiseau de plage» peut malheureusement ne jamais être trouvé. (Au fait, c'est un Sanderling, Calidris alba). 


Aussi des nombres. 275 images, ce n'est pas beaucoup. En moyenne, il y a une licence par mois pour un port de 1000 images, donc pour environ 300, vous ne vous attendez qu'à environ 3-4 ventes par an tant que les acheteurs peuvent les trouver.


Je considère les photos sous licence comme un long tuyau de vidange.

Stuff des images à une extrémité et finalement les licences tombent de l'autre, mais vous devez continuer à les remplir de vieilles photos.

La qualité des images, la pertinence, la demande, les bonnes légendes et mots-clés rendront le tuyau de vidange plus court et les licences apparaîtront plus rapidement et plus fréquemment.


J'espère que cela t'aides








Thank you for your message.

Your advices are precious i will rewrite my legends. 

Thanks again!

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Salut Rodolphe,

Bienvenu! T'as pas besoin de donner le lien, on peut cliquer sur le numero bleu en dessous de ton nom. T'as de belles photos de la France!


I think your captions are a bit short:



"Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurately you describe your image, the more visibility it will have in customer searches, which will significantly increase your chance of making a sale."

landscape - sunset on the coast, waves, horizon. top view.- Image ID: 2EEGFB8landscape - sunset on the coast, waves, horizon. top view. Stock Photo

Great shot. But where is it? Which ocean? You haven't mentioned the two men in the fishing boat.



Corsica Island, Bastia Port, France - Image ID: 2F64D3Y

Corsica Island, Bastia Port, France Stock Photo


You've got quite badly converging verticals in this picture and the horizon is perhaps not straight. Have you got Adobe Lightroom or equivalent software? You can go the Transform tool in Lightroom and click on 'Auto' and it will fix this for you.



Winter frozen nature landscape - Stock Image  Beautiful cat sitting on the ground - Stock Image

You never know what will sell. And I know it's been lockdown because of Covid-19 so we couldn't travel so much. But you've got a lot of generic cat/horse pictures and landscapes that are a bit boring. These could theoretically sell, but I think it's very unlikely.


old ruined convent in Nonza - Corsica- Image ID: 2D96APM

old ruined convent in Nonza - Corsica Stock Photo

Composition - the main subject of this picture is hidden right at the bottom. It's too far down. The sky is not particularly interesting, you could have cut off more of the sky and put the convent higher up in the frame.
I know that English is not your first language, but you need to watch your keywords. For the above picture, you have:
bluesky - should be two separate words, this term will not be searched by clients as it is.
oldconvent - ditto comment above.
you've got spring and summer - it's a June picture.
you can include place names in French. E.g. 'La Corse'
country and botanical are irrelevant keywords to this picture. Too many irrelevant keywords can hurt your CTR rank:
Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to set our search ranking. Your CTR rank (on your Dashboard) is a function of the number of times a client zooms (clicks on) one of your images versus the number of times your images appear in a client search, but are not zoomed.

CTR=Zooms/Views * 100

This is basically a long way of me saying, don't spam keywords. E.g. don't put sky, blue, clouds for every single outdoors picture you shoot. There is a tendency to try to put lots of keywords for your images to try to get them seen by clients. So they may well appear in searches, but if they're not zoomed by a client, your CTR rank will drop. Which means your images won't show as high up in client searches. You don't want your images to get buried in the 255 million images on Alamy. By all means, put a lot of keywords in for certain pictures if they're relevant. Captions and keywords are almost more important than the image itself because you can have the most amazing images ever, but if they're keyworded wrong, no one will ever see them.


Include variant spellings, in particular British and American spellings. Also include singular and plurals  of words if appropriate. Don't worry about moving the line to optimised (green) - we have collectively decided that this is not a good idea unless you really need that many keywords.


J'espere que ca t'aide.


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Also, keep a look out in magazines, books, newspapers (if you have an online newspaper on your phone, or go on the newspaper website, every article has a photo at the head, normally a stock picture), websites etc. for stock photos. The image credits will say if the photo is from a stock agency. These are the ones that sell. Compare with the pictures that you are producing.

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As others have said about your keywording.

Take a look in book stores at magazines, books etc. as to what sells.

On Alamy there is "Have you found any Alamy photos" (reported daily) as to what has sold these are mostly newspapers but there are some books and magazines reported this will also give you an idea of what clients are looking for.



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On 03/05/2021 at 08:56, Ric Holland said:

Some of your cat pics could benefit from the keywords  ‘facial expressions’ and ‘eye contact’ especially 2F5ATK1.


Thank you, i will rework kewords  

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