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Greetings from The Netherlands

Guido Koppes

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Hi all, I am a new photographer at Alamy, based in the south of The Netherlands. Recently started uploading a couple of hundred images and now taking care of the metadata before more is to come ... Have been photographing since the early nineties, and have so a bit of an analog portfolio, beside the digital one ... Wondering which image will sell first ... https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={8C4CE247-8279-4F6A-B9D6-74D7CDDBBFCF}&name=Guido%2bKoppes&st=11&mode=0&comp=1 ... 

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Welkom Guido!


We're a friendly bunch here and quite helpful at times. What will sell first? No idea.

I noticed that you're on AGE as well; you probably already do know there's a way to block AGE from distributing your images through Alamy.

Having your images on Alamy through AGE probably will give you a fair idea already about what sells over here and how often.

A very helpful tool is here (you have to be logged in).

A couple of days ago I have explained it here. (It's a bit Jip en Janneke for obvious reasons.

But a quick search on this forum for All of Alamy or AoA for short, will give a wealth of info from all sorts of people.






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