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Thanks once again!

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Just wanted to repeat my thanks from April, when I submitted a plea for a portfolio review.  Many experienced contributors here were kind enough to offer their help and guidance and I have since begun to make sales here on Alamy.  Only six to date (first in June), but the graph is showing an upward trend - 3 this month so far!
Of particular relevance at the moment are comments that DK made:

Actually, I've been looking at the Santa pix again. Yours is better. It could work in an exhibition. The two you have quoted are PR pix and show it. They would make any publications look like a PR story had been successfully placed - no doubt exactly how they started, and very good work for that use. But your image is well composed, simple, and has an element of understated humour and incongruity. Don't delete it!


I have just licensed the landscape version (licensed by Conde Nast Traveler - as yet unreported) of the image referred to.  Thank you, David, for your advice and thanks very much to everyone else for your ongoing help and amazing patience. :)

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