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Experience with sales and earnings



Hello guys! I just started at Alamy, and I`d like to have some idea on sales and earnings. Now, I know it`s really hard to say as it depends on number and quality of photos and many other things, but if you can give me an idea what to expect and what is the dynamic here on Alamy, especially comparing to other agencies ( I presume names of other agencies are not allowed and that`s fine), but generally, how would you rate your experience on Alamy in regards to sales and earnings, comparing to other agencies. I`m interested because I really like the platform and simplicity of Alamy, although I`m not quite sure what`s with all the pseudonyms and why there can be so many of them...Thank you everyone for any reply and information! 

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4 hours ago, Chuck Nacke said:



I am no the person to ask for advice about post processing, I only know what I need to know and it is not my strongest suit.  On my monitor and with Alamy's previews your images

look fine.  I will say again, invest you efforts in Captioning and Keywording, in English, and your time will be better spent.





Thanks Chuck!


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