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  1. Thank you Steve! Well I guess I have to send it again to be approved first, I already deleted it from the dashboard...thanks, so I know for the future!
  2. Hello everyone! I accidentally entered wrong keywords to a photo, when I realized what I did I deleted it from my dashboard, but, for some reason its still on my portfolio and out on sale. First I though, oh well, maybe to give it a day or two and it will disappear, but no, its still there after almost a week...What should I do to remove that photo from my gallery, the keywords are all wrong.. Thank you for your help!!! Vita.
  3. thank you guys, your help is appreciated!!
  4. ok, thanks Harry, I didn`t think people add more than one account, silly me
  5. Hello guys, can anyone explain what is payment reminder reference in Payment details, Im setting up my payment details, in case something gets sold in Q&A says the following, but Im not sure what kind of info to put in that field..Thanks for your help Q. What is a payment reminder reference?A. A payment reminder is needed as once saved we only store your payment details on a secure offline server; so they’ll not be visible in your account. The reminder should help you remember what account you added. For example, ‘my current account’.
  6. Something to think about; Anyone can make an image, but few can move that image properly processed, color corrected, captioned and keyworded out to the world. I would suggest that you spend your time learning that and it will pay off for you. Thank you Chuck! First of all thanks for the book suggestion, I already found it and will dedicate some time to better wording. As for processing and color correction that you mentioned, can you give me a suggestion regarding that, what works well here, I try to keep my images natural but maybe I should do something differently. Any adv
  7. Also, people say its not the number of keywords that matter, but its important to have all the right ones, so Im trying to improve on that aspect too, thanks for all the help!
  8. Hello guys, thank you for all the suggestions, they are much appreciated and welcomed!! Ill try to get that book that you mentioned, I know there are many things I still need to learn and I`m looking forward to it!
  9. Also, what`s the story with different pseudonyms, is it ok to have one, or its better to have more, what are they good for really? Thanks for clarifying!
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