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Canon M6 Mark II ?

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Anyone using a Canon M6 Mark II for stock?


I have a couple of 5d Mark III's at the moment, but I'll be replacing them with an R5 and an R6 once they're readily available.

I want something smaller and more unobtrusive though with at least an APS-C sized sensor for some street shooting 

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Yes, I have had one for most of this year.  The quality is excellent. I find I am using it with the 11-22mm lens more and more. This is a very fine lens, better than the supplied kit lens (but even that is better than the pixel peepers might have you believe).  It is so much easier to carry round than my 5DIV, which is staying home much more than previously. The 22mm lens is also very good if you need a larger aperture and are happy with a fixed focal length.  I also have the older M5, which is very portable, but at 24MB, this did not supplant my DSLR in the same way.  I do use the somewhat geeky looking viewfinder attachment with the M6II, because the screen can be very difficult to see in bright light and I find this necessary as a backup in these situations.  

I would thoroughly recommend it.  Shadow noise can be stronger than in the 5DIV and high ISO quality is noticeably less, but so long as you are aware of this, it is not an issue (at least for me).  High speed shooting has a great frame rate, and is quiet, but the buffer for RAW images is approaching the non-existent, with no more than a couple of seconds max, and a long write time to clear the buffer, but again not a real issue for me.  Face detection AF is very effective.  I don’t take video, so cannot comment on that. Lightroom does not have profiles for its CR3 files, so you are stuck with generic Adobe profiles if you use Lightroom or ACR as your RAW converter, but again I can live with that. 

As you may gather, I am very happy with mine. 


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Hi Graham

Thanks for replying. 

I pulled the trigger on one a few days ago. Bought the 15-45 and 18-150 for starters. The kit came with the accessory EVF as well. Going to put it through some paces this week. 
I did see the lack of Canon profiles, but I use neutral anyway and the Adobe neutral is actually slightly flatter than their version of Canon neutral.

I'm also going to give DPP a try with it. I had to download it to check a focus issue with my 70-200 ƒ2.8 IS and 5DIII bodies and it's much faster than it used to be. Might end up using it instead of Adobe for first round editing and conversion.


So far in preliminary tests it looks like the noise is just slightly better than the 5DIII at the same ISO although probably not as good as a 5DIV. As I said, I'm going to transition to R5/R6 also so I'll see how it compare to them at some point soon.

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