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Tracking number of views

Jaco Wolmarans


I restarted my portfolio here after a few years' absence. First batches uploaded and passed successfully, but although I know they have been viewed, I see no sign of views nor CTR movement. Is this normal? Does one have to pass a certain threshold before views appear on your counter?

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The only way of tracking views on your images is through the Dashboard, Alamy Measures, Your Images. This shows which serach terms have returned images in your portfolio and how which of them have been zoomeed You can adjust the date period you want to view. However, Alamy measures does not register any views by casual browsers, not even other contributors nor your own views. Only registered buyers are counted for views and zooms. This will limit the number of views you receives, but at least you will know they are genuine prospective customers.


If you believe that your images have been viewed, it will depend who has viewed them as to whether this is recorded in Alamy measures.


The one absent feature of views/zooms which I would like to see one day is for each of my images to show how many views and zooms it has had in total since it was uploaded. I know of no way of easily getting this information under the present system.

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