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Forum mini-update


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Hi All,


We've made a few tweaks behind the scenes on the forum to adjust a couple of things - nothing major, and all designed to keep this place as productive as possible. 


  • Posts with 10 or more positive reactions will now be highlighted within the thread, this is designed to make the more popular posts stand out
  • There is a new warning system now for users who break rules or cause conflict. Accumulating points may lead to temporary bans on posting for short periods of time
  • You can now add animated gifs to posts. It's just a bit of fun and is also pretty standard across social platforms
  • If we spot users who never contribute to the forum other than clicking the red or green arrows, or targeting specific users, then they may have their ability to click these reactions removed. All other read/write privileges will remain the same
  • We've tweaked a few of the group levels/status titles depending on how many posts you make - just a bit of fun, but to now have the rank of "part of the forum furniture" you'd need to amass more then 10,000 posts





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