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greeting from curleypap


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hello from james curley i have been a pap since 1989 and have taken thousands of photos over the last 30 years


and i am trying in between shooting new pics to upload my entire library on to alamy


just wanted to ask the community how im doing


so far have uploaded 130 thousand celebrity paparazzi images and have sold a few already


probably got another 300 thousand to go


these are the  edited images i have submitted direct to the national papers over the years


look forward to hearing form everyone



best wishes



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You have far, far too many similars- I do wonder how on earth you got them past QC, the suggested maximum is 5.

As an example, your first page of 100 could really be cut down to 5 or 6 different images. This may not be typical, but I can't be bothered to trawl through hundreds of near-identical images- and nor can buyers.

Having so many search returns will harm your search rank here. On the above percentage you don't have 130000 images, you effectively have about 6500, and IMO of a limited range of subjects for a secondary editorial agency such as this.

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