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The importance of being accurate with marking images as "Exclusive to Alamy"

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Hi all,


We're currently undertaking more work in order to ensure that images that are marked as exclusive to Alamy, are in fact exclusive. We're aware a few users within the forum have questioned the need to be accurate in this info, so we just wanted to say that it is very important you are accurate when marking images as exclusive to Alamy or not.


We're currently working through a number of processes designed to help protect the integrity of the exclusivity declaration. We've previously sent an email out to all users who had content marked as exclusive which stated the following:


"We’re in the process of looking over the Alamy collection to help ensure accuracy of the “Exclusive to Alamy” declaration currently applied to certain images. Your account currently has images marked as Exclusive to Alamy.


As a general reminder, “Exclusive” images cannot be available through any other third-party licensing, sales or distribution channels (where not supplied through Alamy). You can sell your images on a personal print site (without a stock licencing option) and still mark these as exclusive to Alamy. Selling prints and stock licences on your own website is also fine.


If your collection contains images of artworks these can never be marked as Exclusive to Alamy, unless you're the artist.


If you’re already sure that everything is in order then there is no need for further action. If you’re unsure though, please review your collection and update the “Exclusive to Alamy” annotation of your images where necessary to prevent any future issues."


Images marked as exclusive to Alamy earn 50% commission per direct licence sold as apposed to the 40% for non-exclusive. We'll soon be taking further action against users that continue to be mark images as exclusive incorrectly as a breach of contract. 


Please make sure your information around exclusivity is accurate - this keeps you in agreement with the contract and free of any risk of action in the future.


Best wishes




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To add some clarity to the artwork element to this:


The spirit of the clause in the contract is around flat artwork. Mostly around those artworks that have images in the public domain. We're not talking about walking route signs nailed to trees, a blanket your grandparent knitted or just about anything in a 3d space. It's not possible for us to exhaustively define what is and isn't artwork - but this is the spirit of it. If you have images of artwork that are in the public domain that do not show a wider context then these cannot be marked as exclusive on Alamy. If you have any image that is on another reselling site, outside of your own personal one, this cannot be marked as exclusive to Alamy.


For further clarity, you can mark images of stained glass windows as exclusive to Alamy provided you do not licence them on any other stock sites.





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