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Alamy portfolio page header image

Colin Mu


I've been trying to make my Alamy portfolio page look reasonably acceptable for the past couple of days.  Firstly the header image would not load. Having trawled the forum I see this is a known issue with Safari, but, given it has been known for at least a year (from forum post dates) I am very surprised this has not been fixed.  Having now successfully uploaded a header image using Chrome, it's disappointing to see that the image quality is horrible. Again this seem to be a known issue and one brought up in the forum some months ago.  Given this is a stock image library, one that prides itself on the quality of the images uploaded and its rigorous quality control, to create pages where the first image the public sees looks really low quality and appear quite fuzzy is awful.  At the moment the quality is so low I cannot in all seriousness, use this to market or promote my Alamy images.  Having gone to all the trouble of creating these pages in the first place - potentially a great marketing tool - I do not understand why Alamy are shooting themselves (and us) in the foot at the final hurdle, or why after months, this problem does not seem to have been addressed.  All constructive comments welcome.



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Just want to say I had a wonderful time looking at your photos! Keywords are a bit scant. I probably go overboard but I think all my animals have "animal, animals, wild (if they are), wildlife, nobody and (sometimes) copy-space". As far as the portfolio page is concerned they seem to have given it to us and then done nothing further with it. There have been other complaints. I don't often use mine and haven't done anything other than the basics... https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/paulette-sinclair



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