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I've been a Flickr user for a long while, joining in Yahoo days. I've not uploaded much, mostly quirky unsaleable stuff, and always low res with a copyright notice, but, following changes in the upper echelons of the Flickr empire,  I am now unable to log in.


I've contacted technical support and been invited to reset my password, which I have done, (on at least 3 occasions!) but have been unable to log on.  In fairness to Flickr they have sent me an email saying that I should get back in touch if I have difficulty, and I've just done that.  Just wondering if anyone else is having problems?


Have to say that, if this saga continues much longer, I may just dump Flickr, not sure that there is any point in it these days.

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I'll answer my own question. Flickr were very supportive and patiently tried a range of things to get me logged in. Curiously, the solution was to supply them with another email address (my wife's) to log in, and when I was securely back aboard, they changed the log in address back to my own. Clearly my own address is possessed of dark powers....

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